My results were "High Risk For Autism"

If your child is at least 16 months old and the results of the MCHAT were “high risk”, you are encouraged to speak with your child’s pediatrician and call a genetic counselor as soon as possible.

It is important to know that the MCHAT is a screening test, which is meant to identify children who have signs indicating a more thorough evaluation is beneficial. The results of your child’s MCHAT screen suggests that further evaluation is critical. In one study of nearly 20,000 toddlers, over half (54%) of those who had a “high risk” result went on to qualify for an official diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. In the same study, nearly all (98%) toddlers who had a “high risk” screen were identified to have developmental delays (autism or otherwise) that required intervention and therapy. Citation: Chlebowski C, Robins DL, Barton ML, Fein D. Pediatrics 2013 Apr; 131(4):e1121-7.

It is natural to be alarmed or upset when your child has a “high risk” result, especially if you were not expecting it. You are not alone. Contact your child’s pediatrician and schedule an appointment. Also consider calling one of our licensed/certified genetic counselors. Our team works exclusively with parents of children who have developmental delay; we can provide information, support, and explain the value of genetic testing while you are waiting to see your pediatrician and subsequent developmental specialists.

Thank you for taking this questionnaire to help understand your child’s developmental needs. You are on the right track to getting your child the support needed, and our team can help. If you want to speak with a genetic counselor (at no cost) about these results, call us at 801-931-6191.
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